Fabrice Yencko


Born in 1985, he lives and works in Paris.

Arrested in 2012 by the anti-tag brigade and condammend to pay 228.000 €  for damages and interests for his acts of intentional degradation, now under examination since 2012 for criminal conspiracy, Fabrice Yencko has attracted both judicial and cultural institutions thanks to des institutions thanks to his numerous paintings on trains and subways signed under the name of Cokney.

Graduated in Sculpture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts in Serres, he has been assistant for several sculptors. At the same time he practices engraving in Bucciali's atelier. He learns several techniques as aquatint and drypoint. Graffiti artist of international reputation, well known tattoo artistof traditional japanese style (he practices the profession since 2006 and he forged his own style in theskinhead et alternatif environnements he frequented at the time ), Fabrice Yencko appropriated the investigation documents that constitute his judicial file and he considers them as an extension of his paintingmade of rituals, action, performance and tension. Black and white archives that he exhibits with his personal archives (argentique photographies ) his own writings (manifestes, stories, statements) and his paintings influenced by japanism and punk.  Some the documents exhibited at Rabouan Moussion gallery during the exhibition Retiens La Nuit in 2016, have also been presented atPalais de Tokyo (Guerre du Nord, 2013) and in the publication « Chiaro Scuro » (ed. Classic Paris, 2015) that reported the prize of best art book of the year 2015 by the Club des Directeurs Artistiques.

« Graffiti is dynamic . After repetition, our paintings are alive and keep vibrate in us, through legal complaint, photographic prints and in our gestures. (...) If painting is destroyed, the memory of the bidy persists. It is a perpetual resurrection : each graffiti is destroyed, but paintings that reborns the day after convene the inheritance of the past ones. »

(Extract of a conversation with Hugo Vitrani,published in the book « Chiaro Scuro », ed. Classic Paris, 2015)

Fabrice Yencko at Palais de Tokyo >> Lasco Project #3, Guerre du Nord ,2014