Christian Gonzenbach

Once reduced to ashes, things of this world are not what they were anymore. Not just because plastic has entirely burnt outand only metal is left, but because those things have participated in a rite habitually reserved to the Man. Only human beings are put in coffins, cremated and buried - or at most their beloved animals. But certainly not lifeless things. Searching at the flea market and on the internet for computers, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and televisions, that he takes to pieces and whose skins he exhibits like trophies (Skins, a hunter's collection, 2001), Cheristian Gonzenbach extracts things from their territory of use and he transplants them to the living. 
He naturalizes what men produced as a cultural good and with a particular purpose - culture becomes nature. And the contrary i strue as well : reconstituting bones with ceramic or with unusual shapes (Kaiserhaus; Sputnik; V16; You are here; all 2007), it's nature that becomes object. From then on it looks not just an art object, but also an object which cancels our distinction between nature and culture - so here is an hybrid object.