Dimitri Tsykalov

Born in 1963 in Moscow
He lives and works in Paris since 1991.

Dimitri Tsykalov studied graphic arts at the Polygraphic Institut in Moscow. He worked in parallel on drawing and painting in the studios of the Muscovite painters L. Lamm and A. Jilikov. 

As a sculptor, he uses fragile and ephemeral live material to show a form of violence that he detects in the contemporary world. His sculptures are made of wood, fruits and vegetables, meat or wool. With humour and poetry, sometimes with brutality, Dimitri Tsykalov questions about the needs of our consumer society - reproducing with wood a set of « technological » objects; about the fragility of the worldwide economy - realizing gigantic credit cards made by grass or frayed wool; or yet about the fugacity of our passage on earth - revisiting the genre of still life or setting scenes with naked warriors waving arms or flags made of raw meat.