Fabrice Yencko



Graduated from Olivier de Serres (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Arts) in metal sculpture, Fabrice Yencko assists then several sculptors. In the meanwhile he starts the apprenticeship of engraving in Bucciali’s atelier. Here he learns different techniques like aquatint and drypoint. A job is quickly offered to him inside the atelier. Nevertheless, for his longing to discover new artistic practices allowing him more freedom, he refuses. He naturally evolves towards tattooing, activity that he practices as a professional since 2006, having discovered and shaped his style in the alternative skinhead and punk environment that he used to frequent.
Concurrently Fabrice Yencko takes his first steps in graffiti in 1999. Under the pseudonym of Cockney (anagram of his name referring to British punk/skinhead culture), he turns quickly towards a practice of performance and painting, exclusively vandal, on trains and subways. His style convenes the heritage of classical painting, punk culture and graffiti. He starts very     quickly to include this activity in a more general artistic procedure, applying to his lifestyle and his social position. He expresses it for the first time in the book Descente interdite by Karim Boukercha. Arrested in 2012, he has been condemned to a 228.000 € fine for « voluntary degradations ».
The encounter with Hugo Vitrani, curator for the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, will show him that his vision of vandal graffiti can find an echo, even outside his environment. They decide then to work together on the project of a book, Chiaroscuro, that will be released in 2015, with a delay caused by a second arrest in 2014. His indictment for « criminal association » and the  judicial control he is put under, prevent him to talk freely about his work. Chiaroscuro wins the prize for the best art book of the Artistic Directors Club. Fabrice Yencko organizes a group exhibition on tattooing, having numerous international renewed tattoo artists intervening. He has them working around the theme of « Morphosis » in the imagery of the tattooist.
He works as well on plastic works accompanying elements of his police record in order to create a dialogue in between these two visions of his creation (artistic and judicial). This work is presented in the group exhibition Retiens la nuit in Rabouan Moussion Gallery in June 2016, along with artists like Raphaël Zarka or Ryan McGinley. He takes part in October 2016 in the conference Oxymore « État de l’art urbain (the state of urban art) » organized by the Ministery of Culture. He intervenes in the round table « Le droit à la rue/Le droit de la rue (The law to the street/ The law of the street) » closely linked to his practice.

In December 2017, Rabouan Moussion Gallery in Paris shows the first solo show of Fabrice Yencko, who has now stopped his illegal practice of painting and rethought his artistic commitment. Mixing elements of his judicial record, photos, paintings of symbolical animals ad parietal structures, he tries to set a link in between Vandalism and Alpinism. He associates or opposes this media in a context of exploration, in order to give a meaning to this unmet need of escape.



2012 : TERRAINS VAGUES, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.
2014 : DRAWING NOW, Salon du dessin contemporain, Espace Commines, Paris, France.
2014 : GUERRE DU NORD, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France.
2016 : RETIENS LA NUIT, Galerie Rabouan Moussion, Paris, France.
2016 : MORPHOSIS, Galerie French Paper, Paris, France - curator Fabrice Yencko.
2016 : DARK MATTER, Toulouse, France.
2017 : LEGAL GOODS, Think Tank Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.
2018: GENESIS, Galerie Rabouan Moussion, Paris, France.


2011 : DESCENTE INTERDITE, author Karim Boukercha, Edition Alternative. Texte published accompanied by photos.
2014 : EARLY HOURS, Phil America et Fabrice Yencko. Photos accompanied by a text by each artist.
2015 : CHIAROSCURO, book in two volumes cowritten with Hugo Vitrani. Published by Classic  Paris. First prize of the best art book 2015 by the Club Of Artistic Directors.
2016 : SEPSIS, Edition of photos by Ingrid Marchais and Fabrice Yencko. Published by Red  Lebanese.
2017 : SKULL, Edition of photos and drawings by Fabrice Yencko
2017 : OXYMORE III, acts of the conference by Dominique Aris, Published by Ministry of Culture.

--> Exhibitions:

Galerie Rabouan Moussion Paris
Launch of new artist's edition
Installation on view from September 8th to 15th 2018


Galerie Rabouan Moussion Paris
December 2nd 2017 - January 6th 2018