Fabrice Yencko

Launch of a new artist's edition
Saturday 8th of September 2018 from 5 pm
Installation on view from September 8th to 15th


Far from his studio, that’s where Fabrice Yencko starts creating. Art as experience or experience as art.

After his exhibition “Les conquérants de l’inutile”, Fabrice Yencko decides to leave on a mountain bike, to go through, far from the roads, the small Atlas’s mountain passes and descend until the doors of the Sahara, looking this time for the caravans and shepherds’ trails in this stone desert.

From this experience Fabrice Yencko will bring back some paintings, photographs and drawings.
With Rabouan Moussion Gallery he is editing two series of foulard, invoking his experience, as well as the culture of the pattern, of abstraction and of repetition in the Islamic world’s esthetic.

The foulard, fashion accessory, object of controversy, is for Fabrice Yencko the protection against the burning sun when, from a camp to another, the shadow doesn’t exist anymore, the protection when the blowing wind loaded with hot sand is whipping his face. The foulard cleans the knife, wipes the sweat.

The foulard, a small square that recreates the link with the simplest of our humanity.

Fabrice Yencko will present us his foulards over an installation. Those silk scarfs then coexist with photographs and paintings made during the trip, thus regaining their contexts.