Grand rouge


Exhibition:  March 12th - April 9th 2016

Opening March 12th 2016, at 4 pm


The pictorial work of Guillaume Durrieu deploys all of its perceptual and dialogical complexity in a paradoxically literal form, which is not devoid of humour. 

We can see as many processes for fabricating as for installing the work. They have been taken directly from the cinema – in the frame and back into the frame, outside the frame, outside its scope, using a depth of scope or even overprinting – and this has allowed the artist to put the apparent stand-alone quality and objectivity of his painting into perspective, and to reconstitute it in the form of an installation. This installation is also a subtle encounter between different media, forms and registers, when it takes over the space in a certain manner, or when plans are phased in a particular way, or when the relationship with scale is stretched.

So Guillaume Durrieu’s wide-reaching field of research and experimentation in art – sound compositions, written works, film direction and also cookery research – bear witness to his ability to commit painting to a critical terrain, particularly by using the collective form. 

In parallel to his personal exhibition at the Rabouan-Moussion Gallery, Guillaume Durrieu is also displaying the stage set that he built for Stephen Sondheim’s Passion musical at the Châtelet theatre in Paris. 

Julie Sas


Guillaume Durrieu

Décor pour la comedie musicale Passion / Set for the musical Passion

Thêatre du Chatelet, 03.16.2016  -  03.24.2016