John Andrew Perello aka JonOne was born in 1963 in New York.

He began graffiti at the end of the 1970s by writing his name in the city and on subway trains. “What really brought me to the tag was seeing others painting graffiti throughout the city.

It was at this time that he met A-One, who used to hang out with Jean-Michel Basquiat. “A-one was the link between the street and the art world, traveling in Europe and coming back with a lot of money, simply thanks to his art. I listened to his traveler’s tales and my eyes shone with envy”, he continues.

In 1984 Jon founded the group 156 All Starz, named after the number of his street. He then became Jon156 and then JonOne.

In 1985 JonOne began to paint on canvas by persisting in reproducing the founding element of his style: the vision of a tagged metro train generating trails of color with its speed. What distinguishes JonOne from other graffiti artists is precisely his attention to the agitation and movement of color, rather than figuration.

The same year gallery owner Rick Librizzi exhibited his work in New York.

JonOne's retrospective exhibition "JONONE. L'Empire des Signatures" is now on view at  Clément Foundation, Le François, Martinique, until January 1st 2018



Selection of exhibitions

November 9th 2017 – January 3rd  2018 – Retour en Terre Caribéenne / Return to Carribean Land – Fondation Clément, Martinique
June 26th 2017 – November 4th 2017 – Mixing the colors – Hennessy – Cognac, France
January 4th 2016 – February 29th 2016 – Color Flows – Maison Guerlain– Paris, France
June 24th 2015 – November 1st 2015 – Above And Below – Carré Sainte-Anne – Montpellier, France
February 14th 2013 – May 18th 2013 – Chaotic Beauty – Exposition personnelle – Fondation Protvor – Saint Petersbourg, Russia
June 19th 2012 – August 5th 2012 – Association Traffic – PostGraffiti– Ancien Collège des Jésuites – Reims, France
September 15th 2011 – March 4th 2012 – Hey ! / Modern Art and Pop Culture – Halle Saint- Pierre – Paris, France
March 13th  2010 – May 30th 2010 – Collection 3 – Fondation Salomon / Collection de Claudine et Jean-Marc Salomon – Annecy, France
July 7th  2009 – November 29th 2009 – Born in The Street / Né dans la rue – Fondation Cartier – Paris, France
 March 27th 2009 –  April 26th 2009 – Collection Gallizia – Le Tag – Grand Palais – Paris, France
 2003 – Installation Black Block – Palais de Tokyo – Paris, France
1999 – Fondation Peter Pichler – Austria
March 17th 1996 –  May 12th 1996 – Paroles Urbaines / Urban Speech – Collective exhibition (Hondo, JonOne, Mahon, Mambo, Number 6, Popay, Rcf One, Rico, Sharp, Shuck, Sib, Spirit, Stak., A Plus, Echo, Gee One, Jay One, Mice, Mister E, Mode 2, Peso, Scotty, Time, Zhyne) – La Laiterie – Strasbourg, France
November 9th 1995 – December 3rd 1995 – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris
April 28th 1994 – May 28th 1994 – Good Times – L’Espace Dunoyer – Paris, France
July 5th 1991 –  September 15th 1991 – Les Ateliers / The Studios  (Aurèle, Yan Le Crouhennec, David Franck, Caroline Gambier, JonOne, Nikolaï Ovtchinnikov, Frantz Raux, Grégory Ryan, Eva Siegwald, Jérôme Touron, Trois Carrés, Julio Villani) – L’Hôpital Ephémére – Paris, France
June 2nd1992 –  July 3rd1992 – Figuration fin de Millénaire / End of Millenium Figuration  – Collective exhibition (Basuiat, Blek, Combas, Di Rosa, Haring, JonOne, Sharp, Miss Tic, Speedy Graphito...) – CFDT- Espace Belleville – Paris, France
March 29th 1991 –  April 29th 1991 – The Bomb Art Exhibition – Centre Culturel de Nantes / Espace Graslin – Nantes, France
1991 – Graffiti Art, Artistes américains et français / Graffiti Art, American and French Artists 1981-1991 – Musée National des Monuments Français – Paris
1991 – Espace Protis – Paris, France