Oleg Kulik

Oleg Kulik is born 1961 à Kiev.  He lives and works in Moscow. 
Oleg Kulik is gamous for his  performances as a dog.
Arrived on the international scene  barking, biting,  he setteled down and if he still attacks the  public is today with the maturity of several projects:   staging of operas, curating of exhibitions.
Oleg Kulik, multifaceted artist, is the author of the concept of zoophrénia. In his aspiration to universality he desires profoundly an equality without concessions between Man and Animal. Plastic creations that illunstrate this concept can appear provocative, but always thought with subtlety. Beyond a representation of Russian, the artist wants to bring us in. the representation of the world.


Art Riot : Post-Soviet Actionism
Exposition collective
Saatchi Gallery, London
16 novembre - 31 decembre 2017