Sunil Gawde

Sunil Gawde was born in 1960 in Bombay, where he lives and works. 

Discovered at the Venice Biennal in 2009, he impresses French public Paris-Delhi-Bombay at Centre Georges Pompidou in 2011. After his studies at the Sir JJ School of Art in Bombay, he gains the Charles Wallace Prize in 1995, attributed by the British Council, and he benefits from a residency atthe Glasgow School of Art, in the UK. 

Sunil Gawde is a versatile artist who expresses himself through sculptures, paintings and mobile installations. Despite his evolution through different media, he maintains a distinctly identifiable style, matching with a scathing humor. His objects are apparently common, like wipers, bulbs or magnifying glasses. A fabrication out of dimension allows him to emphasize their symbolical potential and explore the hidden secrets of those pieces of everyday life. As the artist himself explains, « As an artist, my main concerns are perception and reality.  In my experience, what one perceives and what « is » can often be two absolutely different things. My work is an effort to bridge the gap between the two. »