Guillaume Durrieu

Opening Saturday 6th October 2018 from 5pm

Exhibition October 6th - November 3rd


  The essence of the exhibition, contained in a vibrant “splash” like the brush on the canvas, evokes for us the spontaneity of the gesture in painting but also the music through the object of the cymbal (called splash), a domain dear to the artist.

An untamed and indefinite energy which contrasts with the control and the order that are emerging from the paintings organized in signs and motifs, coming from a particular heritage of modernism that the artist replays in his paintings. Centered around the medium, s p l a s h delineates its scope of action to the painting on canvas covered by orderly motions whose extremely precise layout invites to a reflection on the artwork’s symbolism as well as on the process of creation. We find ourselves caught in a swirl of geometrical forms where nothing is left to chance.

Changes of scales also allow Guillaume Durrieu to rethink the space of creation and exhibition: indeed, the artist enjoys reproducing his large formats into miniatures. Each painting becomes a sentence, a word that the artist declines in several languages: the one of the body with the gesture but also the one of the soul with the poetic charge contained in the painting; some artworks inspired by the works of visual poetry. The artworks are determined by an ordered sequence of moves (from a point A to a point B) which make the paintings legible, like a phrase. Whether this poetry is painted in color or in black and white, the fields of interpretation of the sign seem endless.

  Through this new exhibition, Guillaume Durrieu offers us a work marked by tradition and History, music and poetry. Thanks to a hanging protocol defined by the artist himself, s p l a s h intends to play with the exhibition’s codes. Thought and punctuated like a musical score, the scenography sets the tone. It is up to us to keep an eye open and, why not, to eavesdrop.

Lisa Toubas