Aria di Roma
Olivier Kosta-Théfaine
03.02.2018 - 28.02.2018


Looking at the city in a different way, observing it in detail.
It is the principle of my work, the things that the others do not look at or neglect.

Olivier Kosta-Th
éfaine, 2015
Olivier Kosta-Théfaine claims a path in margin.
From this peripheral horizon, from this shift, he deducts the narration of his apprenticeship and a singular work.
Aria di Roma is the result of his stay in Rome, a patrimonial city in which the history is intimately connected to the history of the museum.
From the herbarium to the museum including the cartography, the artist is interested in the way the forms are extracted from their context and reach or not the status of precious fragments.
Whether they are noble or vulgar, marks of their grading or downgrading, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine offers to us a vision unhierarchical of our everyday life.

Julien Fronsacq

(Extract from the text accompanying Aria di Roma)

« () I get out of the Villa to observe the details of the museum city and beyond. There is what the tourist undertakes to go see, helped by his guide, and on what I decide to stop. A mug in the effigy of the Pope, various types of cheap articles for tourists. And every day a different setting, a sky with blazing colors: a Renaissance painting or the reproduction made in China of a Roman sky. An anti-intrusion railings reveals an other potential and acts as a break time. Small monuments consisting of shells found in the street or collected on the beach seem to compete with the conches of palaces and fountains of the city center. A block of concrete taken in Corviale takes the name of Palazzo, whereas the precious wood of the big stone pine is transformed into a small piece of furniture of the mass-market retailing. Tracks on city walls, such "potential-paint", or the meeting with a flower made by means of bands of brown adhesive tape: it was drawn on the marble facade of a building squatted in the district of the E.U.R. The Air of Rome is Neuilly-Sarcelles, the two suburbs of Versailles told by flowers, and Ponentino, this refreshing gift coming directly from the suburb () ».

Olivier Kosta-Théfaine

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